Plug & Play Sessions + Copyright Alliance

Last week Monday (18 Sep) I got an opportunity to address interested ears on my passion i.e. music law. It was a more intimate environment where every 15min I’d address a new group of about 10 people (did this 5 times). It was great for me to be among so much talent. Quicket, What’s on in Cape Town and Drifters Brewery all did a phenomenal job in hosting this event. Be sure to be at the next one.

I am also proud to announce that as of last week, I am now a member of the Copyright Alliance, which is a group of industry specialists who formed to protect our copyright laws. The goal of the Copyright Alliance is to address issues raised in the new Copyright Bill and to ensure that author’s rights are properly protected, something the new Bill doesn’t seem to care about. Fortunately, those that are party of the Copyright Alliance are in an excellent position to give input as it comprises of members from all the fundamental music institutions in South Africa (i.e. SAMRO, CAPASSO, DALRO, RiSA, SAMPRA, MASA and MPA SA etc.)

Participants reading my infographic







Giving musicians “the talk”













Plug & Play Sessions

Next week Monday I am speaking at a shindig organised by Quicket, What’s on in Cape Town and Drifter Brewing Company. The talk will once again be on music law related aspects – i.e. contracts, copyrights and royalties. As far as I am aware, tickets are sold out, but its worth keeping an eye on the Quicket page to see if any become available. It’s free. And there is free beer (pretty much only reason I’m going . . . kidding!)

My talk at MEX17 was also a great success.. Hopefully I will get to spread the good news more often.