Legal Ways to Make Money

My latest infographic will explain all the ways artists can make money in the music industry. Some ways are better than others. I compiled a list of what I thought is the best, and what artists should focus on first.  But depending on the artists, how long they have been around or where they are in the world, it might change.

Feel free to share . Knowledge is power.


Music Contracts for Non-Lawyers

Have you ever wondered what a music contract looks like without the legal jargon – then scan through this infographic which has some of the most common clauses you can find in a standard record label / publishing contract. I have ‘translated’ the entire  contract into an easy to read non-legal jargon based contract i.e. as if the person who drafted it is your drinking buddy. If you are interested, you are welcome to download it just so you can see how bad these contracts can get. Please think twice before signing anything.


Download Here

Record Contract without legalese