Inaugural lecture of Prof. S Karjiker

My first exposure to Intellectual Property law was given by this man, Prof Sadulla Karjiker. I am incredibly fortunate to have had him as my lecturer – as blunt as he is, as he instilled the foundations of IP firmly into my head. We have grown from becoming lecturer / student, to work colleagues (as we both lectured company law together), and to now becoming friends.

About a month ago, Sadulla had his inaugural lecture – which is the first official lecture where he is regarded as being a professor. It was wonderful to be in attendance, even though he chose a heavy topic to talk on, namely IP and Politics. The talk was incredibly relevant as South Africa is currently going through a massive upheaval of its copyright laws. Sadulla is quite vocal about the changes being made. He is a much need voice in my opinion, but then again, I am probably biased.   I’ve linked his article on IP and Politics in case you are brave enough to read it.



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