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Cover Songs

It has been a little while since I posted. I apologise. This is an infographic developed with the purpose of explaining what the deal is with cover songs. Many people are confused, and who can blame them. There are a gazilion music organisations out there so where does one even begin? But for covers, all you need to worry about is SAMRO and CAPASSO.

I must give a big thanks to Warrick Percy who is head of the licensing department at CAPASSO, and a pretty cool guy too. He helped me better explain the last two points which are relevant to CAPASSO.

MEX 2017

This year I’ve been asked to speak at Music Exchange (MEX) on a topic I’m dearly passionate about. Music law, specifically contracts in the music industry. I got some brochures printed for those attending. I’m quite excited to have something that I’ve worked on (the infographic) being turned into a tangible product.


If you want to learn the ins and outs of music contracts, the pitfalls and what to avoid etc. catch me this year on Sunday, 10 September at 12h00